Online meeting with the International Advisory Group


On the 23rd of October, the Consortium held an online meeting with the International Advisory Group (IAG) composed of representatives from the following organisations: the European Labour Authority, Eurofound, the European Network Against Racism, the Social Platform, the International Organisation for Migration, Maynooth University, Action Aid, PILAR and BAMA. Representatives from the Region Hannover and the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise were also present. The discussions focused on different aspects of the research, such as discrimination in hiring, the situation of older workers in the labour market and the impact of the research results. Methodological choices and their implications were also debated. The IAG shared their constructive feedback as well as useful resources and key legislative processes at EU level that will be monitored.

Overall, this meeting was very fruitful. Researchers collected valuable comments about the research from different perspectives, from civil society, academia, EU agencies and enterprises. The IAG had also space to share their current and future initiatives with everyone, fostering cooperation among all participants.

The consortium and the IAG will meet again in May 2024, this time in person, in Hannover, for a policy seminar were preliminary findings will be presented.

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